It varies depending on the model. For a 10-meter boat, it takes approximately 30 minutes to install the cover for the first time, with two people. This is much faster than a hull cleaning process.

It takes more time, but it is possible to install it alone. An instructional video for installation is available on our YouTube page or in the "Technology" tab.

A simple water spray is sufficient. The fabric has a coating that prevents organisms from adhering permanently, similar to a non-stick pan.

Its lifespan is 10 years under normal conditions. We provide a 2-year warranty for the cover.

Each cover is made to measure, giving you the option to add a personalized inscription such as the name of your boat. You can also choose the color of the fabric from those available in our catalog.

We have chosen to locate the entire manufacturing process in France. Additionally, we focus on using high-quality fabric designed to last for a decade. On average, the cost is amortized within 2 years.

A service package is available, which includes installation, removal, maintenance, and storage. You can view the map of our Pickup Points in the "Services offered by our Pickup Points" section.

Our cover can be stored in its bag, which is no larger than a mainsail bag, and can easily fit in the trunk of a car, at a ship chandler's store, or be taken on board.

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